Text banking

Text banking is easy and secure

Text banking is a quick, easy and secure way to retrieve multiple account balances, transfer funds, receive customized alerts, and more.

You send simple text banking keywords and get your banking information in return.

  • For example, send the keyword “BAL CHK” and you’ll get an automated response with your current checking account balance.

Start today: Register for online banking
then activate text banking

  1. To use text banking you must be registered for online banking. See an online banking demonstration here.
  2. After you are registered, use a computer to login to online banking.
  3. Activate the text banking feature and personalize your settings: Go to “My Settings” then click on “Alerts and Notifications.”

Text these eight easy commands

You can text the following keyword commands from your cell phone to 454545:
BAL Primary account balance
BAL ALL All account balances
BAL CHK Checking account balances
BAL SAV Saving account balances
LAST Last 5 transactions
TRANS $$$ Transfer specified amount (e.g. TRANS 100) to primary account
STOP Deactivate service
HELP Help on keywords

*While Oregon State Credit Union does not charge for mobile or text banking, your wireless provider may apply minutes or text messaging rates, and/or require you to subscribe to a data plan. For more information, please consult your wireless provider.

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