Visa payment options: automatic, protection, skip

Payment options for your Visa credit card

Automatic payments

It’s easy to pay your Visa balance or minimum payment each month. Choose from two convenient options:

  1. We can help you set up automatic transfer from your Oregon State Credit Union account.
  2. You can use online account access to make your payments.

Payment protection

Ensure your loan payments are made if you unexpectedly get hurt or sick, pass away or lose your job.

  • Click here for more information.
  • Add payment protection to your credit card at any branch or call 800-732-0173.

Skip-a-Payment — loan payment extensions

Holiday season, tax time, back-to-school expenses — sometimes you need a little extra money to tide you over. Oregon State Credit Union offers loan payment extensions for those times. 1

  • Skip your loan payments(s) on consecutive or varying months
  • Take advantage of two skips per 12-month period, per loan, for qualifying members.

Apply | Skip a loan payment

1. Excludes: business, payday advance, home equity, and real estate loans; certificate-secured and single payment share-secured loans, and consumer loans with a 180-month original term.

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