Debt consolidation Personal Loan

Consolidate high-interest debt into one monthly payment with an Oregon State Credit Union debt consolidation Personal Loan. You could pay less interest and reduce your debt faster.

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Personal debt consolidation

  • Competitive rates — See disclosures, rates and fees.

    • Today's featured rates, Debt consolidation Personal Loans: APR low* 8.24%, APR high 17.99%; Up to 36 months

  • Provides extra cash for a wide variety of planned and unplanned personal needs and expenses.

  • Terms up to 60 months

  • Borrow between $250-$75,000

  • No application fee or early prepayment penalty

  • Rate discount for automatic payment transfers

  • Additional rate discounts for Enhanced or Premier Member Merits categories

Debt consolidation frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a debt consolidation loan?

  • A: It's a loan you take out and use to pay off other loans. The idea is to roll several debts into one single debt that is paid off with the debt consolidation loan.

Q: Can debt consolidation reduce your debt and improve your cash flow?

Q: Can you reduce or eliminate debt without loans, credit counselors or agencies?

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Apply online | Debt consolidation Personal Loan

* APR (Low) indicates the lowest annual percentage rate you may qualify for on the loan. The loan interest rates shown in the table are reflective of a range of rates available. All loans are subject to approval. You may qualify for the lowest rates published depending upon your credit qualification, the amount financed, receiving a 0.25% APR reduction by maintaining an automatic loan payment each month and 0.25% APR reduction for qualifying for the Premier Member Merits category.

The following examples illustrate the expected monthly loan payments for members who qualify for the prime rate, premier member merit status and enroll in automatic monthly payments. A $5,000 All-purpose (Signature) loan with 8.24% APR for 36 months has a monthly payment of $157.25. A $5,000 All-purpose (Signature) loan with 13.49% APR for 60 months has a monthly payment of $115.00. If you delete your automatic payment request or the credit union terminates your automatic payment request due to insufficient available funds, this interest rate may be increased by one-quarter of one percent (0.25%) for the remaining term of the loan. This rate change will be reflected on your credit union statement.


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