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Get control over your debt? Yes! Consolidate your high-interest debt into one monthly payment and you could pay less interest and reduce your debt faster. Apply for one of our consumer loans or a Home Equity Line of Credit today.

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Reduce your monthly debt

Learn more about these loan options to keep your budget on track.

Your money works for you

  1. A loan at Oregon State Credit Union gives you competitive rates and no unnecessary fees, thanks to our longstanding practice of returning earnings back to members, not stockholders. If you like the sound of that but aren't a member yet, join today

  2. In a tight financial spot? Try this credit and debt toolkit, used by our Community Financial Education Director in adult financial education classes.

  3. Browse this ebook: Credit and You. What's inside: How to build credit at every stage of life; Understanding your FICO Score; What is a credit utilization ratio?; Take an interest in rising interest rates; and more.

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