Video: Responsible credit use — Credit cards: tool or trap?

See this short, practical video to learn more about how to use credit to your advantage, including having greater control over your credit score. Tips outline when credit can be a tool or a trap and how to avoid problems. 

See the video | Responsible credit use — Credit cards: tool or trap?

Financial health - Responsible credit use - Credit card tool or trap

Kids save with the Scottie Savers Club

Set your kids up to be smart savers

Our kid's saving accounts  are great to have when teaching your kids about money and they're a lot of fun for young savers ages 12 and under. Fun learning, a free book, plus more!

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Vehicle loans, all types

Vehicle financing for work or play includes: car and truck loans; new and used boat and RV loans; and financing for ATVs, horse trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles and personal watercraft.

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Save for your Future You

Save more money, budget better — here's how

Your personal finances affect all aspects of your life now — and in the future. But if you haven't formed a saving habit (or have temporarily lost it!), here are some ideas to get you started saving, including the simple and effective 50/30/20 approach.

50/30/20 simple easy budget guideline

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Free Checking: less fee, more free

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