Automate your payments and avoid late fees

Never make a late payment or pay a late fee again. Schedule your bills to be paid automatically using Oregon State Credit Union’s online bill pay.

Late payments can lower your credit score, making it more expensive to get credit. A lowered credit score can have other effects, too. It can raise the cost of your insurance premiums, make it more difficult to rent an apartment or house, get a job or even get a cellphone contract.

You can schedule automatic payments on your auto loan, credit cards, mortgage loan, line of credit, utility bills or any bill that is paid through online bill pay on a recurring basis. You can also schedule a transfer to pay your Oregon State Credit Union loan in online banking or the app. If it is an Oregon State Credit Union loan and you have a deposit account with us – like a checking or savings account – you can set up an automatic payment in your local branch or by calling our Member Service Center at 800-732-0173.

Once payments are set up, you never have to do it again until you need to cancel the payments or change the date or amount of the payment.

Automatic payments are not for you if you can’t keep a cushion in your account or if you tend to overdraft your account. Also, don’t forget to cancel the automatic payment when you pay off your credit card or loan balance.

You can set up automatic payments by logging in to your account on your desktop computer or laptop. Once there, go to bill pay and click the “Options” link. From the mobile app, click on “Bill Pay” at the bottom of the screen. Select “Payees” at the top of the screen. Once the payees come up, tap the payee you want to schedule. Tap the icon at the top that reads “Auto Pay off” and fill in the details.

To cancel a scheduled payment in the app, view the scheduled payments, tap on the payee you want to cancel and tap “Cancel.”

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