Send and receive money with Pay It Now

Use Pay It Now to send money to a person (P2P), or send and receive money from your Oregon State Credit Union Basic Savings or checking account to your accounts at other financial institutions (A2A). Similar to the mobile payment applications Venmo and Zelle, Pay It Now is your choice for safe, quick money transfer.

  • Be sure you enroll in online banking so you can sign in to your accounts, then set up and manage your online services.

  • Use Pay It Now: On your mobile app under the More tab; on your PC inside online banking.

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Benefits of Pay It Now money transfer

Move money to and from your Oregon State Credit Union accounts if you're a member age 18 or older with an open saving or checking account.

  • Enjoy fast, easy, secure money sending with P2P and A2A capabilities

  • Set up single or recurring transfers

  • Receive confirmations of pending, in-progress and completed transfers

  • Access Pay It Now in our app or online banking

  • Send to and receive from a mobile phone or email address

  • Get next business-day receipt of funds

Frequently asked questions


Q: What is person to person (P2P) and account to account (A2A)?

  • A: P2P is when you pay another person directly using their email or mobile phone number. A2A allows you to transfer money to and from an Oregon State Credit Union account from and to an account at another outside financial institution.

Q: Can any account be used as a transfer source?

  • A: No. At this time, saving and checking accounts work as transfer sources for Pay It Now.

Q: What is needed to use this service?

  • A: First, make sure you're enrolled in Oregon State Credit Union online banking.

    • To initiate P2P transfers you will need to know the recipient’s name and either their mobile phone number or email address. After adding the person, you will need to create a security question to which both you and the receiver know the answer (not common knowledge). The receiver will then input account information to direct the funds and complete the process.

    • For A2A you will need your routing number, and account number for the other financial institution.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of P2P and A2A transfers?

  • A: Yes. Both P2P and A2A are subject to the Regulation D limit of 6 transactions per month if the transfer source is from a Basic Savings account.


Q: Are P2P payments real-time?

  • A: No. When a P2P payment is initiated and the payment is accepted by the receiver before 4:00 p.m., it will result in the sender's account being debited same day and the recipient’s payment will be posted on the next business day. Payments initiated after 4:00 p.m. will be posted into the receivers account within the next 2 business days.

Q: Does the money stay on hold until the recipient accepts the money?

  • A: No, the funds stay available in the sender's account until recipient accepts the P2P transaction. The P2P will then be processed through the account in the next payment processing file at 5 p.m. EST. After the P2P has processed successfully, the recipient will receive the P2P within 1-2 business days.

Q: What are A2A payment timelines?

  • A: When setting up a new A2A transfer, Pay It Now will initiate two micro deposits that will need to be validated by the member within Pay It Now. The micro deposits can take 2 to 3 business days to reflect in the external account. After verification an A2A transfer can take up to 3 business days.

Q: Can you schedule a future payment?

  • A: Yes. Both P2P and A2A can be scheduled for future payments.


Q: How will alerts and messages be received?

  • A: Pay It Now will communicate with senders/receivers throughout the payment/transfer process. Senders will receive emails based on the email address provided in online banking. Receivers will receive either emails or text messages depending upon how the P2P transaction is initiated and communication options selected. For A2A payments, communications are sent via email only.

Q: How long does the P2P recipient have to accept the money?

  • A: The recipient has 10 calendar days to accept the P2P before it is canceled.

Q: Can the sender cancel the P2P transaction?

  • A: Yes, the sender can cancel the P2P as long as the recipient has not accepted it yet.

Enroll in online banking today

Click here to enroll in online banking After you're enrolled, sign into online banking here or at the top of any page, then set up and edit your online service options. See a demonstration of online banking.



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