Enroll in online banking

Before you can access your Oregon State Credit Union accounts online you will need to enroll in online banking.

Enroll in online banking

It’s a simple process but before you begin make sure you have the following information with you:

With these numbers you will be able to create a username and password and be asked to fill out basic information about yourself.

After the enrollment is complete, sign into online banking here or at the top of any page to set up and edit your online service options.

Online banking services

Online banking brings the power of banking into your own hands. Once you are enrolled in online banking you will have access to a number of covenient services such as the Oregon State Credit Union app, online bill pay, Pay It Now, and more. Besides convenience, there are other advantages to online banking such as safety and security.

Some benefits of online banking you may not know about

You've heard that online banking is convenient, but it can also help you save money and detect potential fraud charges faster.

  • Know where your money is and isn't going. Instant access to your transactions allows you to monitor all purchases and charges to your account. If you see charges you didn't make, use card controls to easily lock your debit or credit cards and prevent any unauthorized spending. With online banking, you can manage alerts to notify you of purchases over a pre-determined limit.

  • Owe someone money? No more writing checks or looking for an ATM to pay someone back. Send funds directly to their account from your laptop, phone or tablet.

  • Signing up for online banking enables you to be notified of new services and products that apply to your financial needs.

  • Setting up automatic payments for monthly expenses can help eliminate late payments and save you money.

Enroll in online banking

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