Personal Line of Credit

A Personal Line of Credit (PLOC) from Oregon State Credit Union is a loan that gives you lots of flexibility to pay for all kinds of expenses, including: special projects or emergencies, overdrafts or to build credit.

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Revolving convenience, easy access

It's like a credit card, offering you “revolving” convenience, but you don't have to deal with an actual card.

And there's no need to reapply when you need extra cash. Just transfer funds from your line of credit into your checking account when you need money.

  • Get a competitive variable interest rate.

  • Wide credit limit range: Borrow $250 - $50,000 based on credit qualifications.

  • No minimum draw amount required.

  • Easy access with checks: At a branch, online, phone or ATM.

  • No application or annual fee.

Personal Line of Credit
Effective Date: Tuesday, May 28th, 2024
Loan typeAPR (Low)*APR (High)Repayment terms

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Personal Line of Credit (PLOC)** 12.25% 21.00% $25 or 2.50% of the total balance, whichever is greater.

About these Personal Loan rates

* APR (Low) indicates the lowest annual percentage rate you may qualify for on the loan. The annual percentage rates shown in the table are reflective of a range of rates available. All loans are subject to approval.

** Personal line of credit is not eligible for the Member Merits or automatic payment decrease in APR. The Periodic Rate and corresponding Annual Percentage Rate for the Personal Line of Credit loan is calculated by adding a graduated margin (the margin is based on a risk based pricing tier) to the month end Prime Rate for the previous calendar month as published by the Federal Reserve. The Annual Percentage Rate will never be more than 21% or the maximum rate allowed by applicable law.


Is a Personal Line of Credit right for you?

  • Convenience

A line of credit allows you to tap into funds when you need them.

  • Alternative to home equity

Our Home Equity Line of Credit offers many features to serve your needs but if you don't want to tap into your home as funding source, the Personal Line of Credit is a viable choice with similar benefits.

  • Establish credit

All-around usefulness is helpful here. Consider the three Rs: the rate, the revolving convenience and the range of credit.

  • Don't need a card?

A credit card isn't issued with this account and for many members this is ideal. Check writing is an option!

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