Financial educational resources for adults and kids

Banzai! is our financial education platform that all members can access on the Oregon State Credit Union website. It has interactive activities, calculators, articles, and "coaching" lessons covering a wide range of financial topics for all ages.

Other educational resources to consider

  • Seminars, in-person or online throughout the year from Oregon State Credit Union include: financial or homeowner education opportunities.

  • Wellness Center - Topic: Borrowing and Credit. Trying to build or repair your credit? Want some help figuring out how to get out of debt?

  • Learning to Budget. Looking to learn how to budget or reduce expenses? These resources provide tips and interactive coaching sessions: 

  • Fraud and Security. Everyone can learn a little more about how to protect themselves from fraud. These resources will teach how to prevent ID Theft, learn more about scams targeting seniors, and what ransomware does.

  • Banzai Collections | Financial Literacy Topics. Learn about retirement, home ownership, saving money, running a small business and more.



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