Fraud protection helps keep your finances secure

At Oregon State Credit Union, we work hard to protect our members from fraud by developing tools designed to thwart scammers, and by providing helpful fraud protection information that can help members learn how to safeguard personal information.

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Be aware, take action if needed

  1. Report fraud if you think your personal information has been compromised.

  2. Keep up to date with our watch list.

  3. Learn more from our fraud resources

  4. Don't fall for it:

    • Oregon State Credit Union will never ask you for your online banking username and password or for the authentication code you’re sent when you log in to online banking or the mobile banking app. To protect your financial information, never:

      • Respond to suspicious emails or texts

      • Share your account information

      • Share your online banking username and password

Learn and prepare: fraud resource articles

Recognize common scams, take action if you think you are a victim of fraud, and learn what you can do to protect your finances from fraud.

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