Skip a Payment

The holiday season, tax time, back-to-school expenses … sometimes you just need a little extra money to tide you over. We offer loan payment extensions for just those times. Skip a Payment might be a helpful option for you.*

You can choose to skip your loan payment(s) on consecutive or varying months, whichever works for you. Qualifying members can take advantage of two skips per 12-month period per loan.

Learn more and fill out a loan payment extension request

To extend your payment(s), you'll need to complete the request form and return it to our office 30 days before your payment is due. Please specify the loan suffix you wish to skip. Use a separate form for each loan and for each month you wish to skip. All your loans must be current to qualify for the extension. For additional loan extension forms, please contact us.

Learn more and fill out a loan payment extension request form today

*You may apply for one or two skips within a 12-month period for each loan. Consumer loans with a 180-month original term are not eligible for skips. Business, payday advance, home equity, real estate, CD secured and single payment share secured loans are also excluded from this extension.

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