Skip a loan payment

This Oregon State Credit Union service enables you to skip a payment on a qualifying loan so you can take steps to get back on budget when cash is short and expenses rise. Circumstances may include:

  • Unexpected expenses relating to your health, taxes, or education

  • Reduced income from job loss or reduction in salary or hours

Evaluate your options

Use the checklist below to see if you qualify to skip a loan payment.

  • If you're having financial difficulties and are unsure if you can skip a payment, or if you have a loan that you think is not eligible, contact Oregon State Credit Union.

Checklist to apply

  • All of your share accounts are in good standing.

  • All of your loans are in good standing.

  • Visa loan skip a payment requests must be processed within the month of your due date.

  • A minimum of 12 months of loan payment history.

  • Loans not eligible to skip a payment:

    • Consumer loans with a 180-month or longer original term are not eligible.

    • Business, Payday Advance, Home Equity Line of Credit, real estate, Certificate Secured and single payment Share Secured loans are not eligible.

  • You may apply for one or two skip payments within a 12-month period for any qualified loan.

  • If you have Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance on a vehicle loan it is important to review your policy terms to ensure understanding of how payment skips may affect your coverage.

Start Skip a Payment here

If your loan qualifies for the skip a payment service, choose one of the options below.

  • Note: If you have an automatic transfer (ACH) scheduled for your loan payment, please make your request at least one business day prior to the transfer date to help ensure your payment will not be processed.

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