Skip a loan payment

This Oregon State Credit Union service enables you to skip a payment on a qualifying loan so you can take steps to get back on budget when cash is short and expenses rise. Circumstances may include:

  • Unexpected expenses relating to your health, taxes, or education

  • Reduced income from job loss or reduction in salary or hours

Evaluate your options

Use the checklist below to see if you qualify to skip a loan payment.

  • If you're having financial difficulties and are unsure if you can skip a payment, or if you have a loan that you think is not eligible, contact Oregon State Credit Union.

Checklist to apply

  • All of your share accounts are in good standing.

  • All of your loans are in good standing.

  • You have made at least one (1) payment on your loan.

  • Visa loan skip a payment requests must be processed within the month of your due date.

  • A minimum of 12 months of loan payment history may be required.

  • Loans not eligible to skip a payment:

    • Consumer loans with a 180-month or longer original term are not eligible.

    • Business, Payday Advance, Home Equity Line of Credit, real estate, Certificate Secured and single payment Share Secured loans are not eligible.

  • You may apply for one or two skip payments within a 12-month period for any qualified loan.

  • If you have Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance on a vehicle loan it is important to review your policy terms to ensure understanding of how payment skips may affect your coverage.

Start Skip a Payment here

If your loan qualifies for the skip a payment service, choose one of the options below.


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