Member Merits rewards program

Your loyalty and relationship with Oregon State Credit Union affect your standing in the Member Merits program, designed to offer financial incentives based on the number of accounts and loans you have, and their aggregated balances.

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The greater your accounts and balances, the greater your rewards

No need to sign up. All Oregon State Credit Union members are automatically included in Member Merits. Depending on the number of accounts you have with us, you could get discounts on loan rates, increases on Certificate account rates, rebates on mortgage closing costs, waived monthly fees, free services and more.

Your monthly update

Your relationship category is calculated monthly and is indicated in the “Current Member Benefits” section at the top of your monthly statement or estatement.

Any Oregon State Credit Union loan or deposit product you use — including savings, checking, money market, share certificates, auto loans, credit cards, signature loans, mortgages, home equity loans — will be used to calculate your member merits category. Investment services and business accounts are not included in the Member Merits program.

To get the most benefits, bring all your accounts to Oregon State Credit Union. Call 800-732-0173 or meet with a Financial Services Consultant at any of our branches to start transferring your non-Oregon State Credit Union accounts today.


The benefits available depends on your member merits category. The benefits shared by all categories are:

  • Online account access and bill pay
  • No Visa® Value annual fee
  • Free ATM transactions at any Oregon State Credit Union ATM
  • Free or reduced overdraft protection transfer.   

For the complete list of benefits check out the Membership Merits account and benefits chart.

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