Forms at Oregon State Credit Union

You can complete and submit our most commonly used forms online. After you’ve enrolled as a user in online banking:

  1. Log into online banking.

  2. Browse to the Other tab, then click on Forms in the menu and select the form you need.

  3. Complete your form and submit it.

The available forms cover the following situations:

  • To create, change or cancel an EFT authorization to or from your Oregon State Credit Union account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

  • Dispute an EFT withdrawal from your Oregon State Credit Union account.

  • Reporting a problem depositing or withdrawing funds at an ATM.

  • Problems with refunds, such as a refund showing up as a charge or not receiving a refund for a returned purchase.

  • Problems with a merchant, such as being charged:

    • For a canceled purchase

    • Twice for a purchase

    • The wrong amount

    • For a service you did not receive

    • For merchandise that never arrived

    • For a purchase for which you paid in some other way

    • For merchandise which was not as described

    • For a service which was not as described (not hotel related)

  • Fraudulent charges.

  • Disputes with hotels, such as not receiving a refund for a canceled reservation or a dispute over the quality of the service.

Contact us

If you have questions about a form or need help, please call our Member Service Center at 800-732-0173.


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