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Your motorcycle and ATV escape starts with affordable financing from Oregon State Credit Union. Apply today for a loan to buy your ATV, camper, motorcycle, personal watercraft, snowmobile or trailer and let the adventure begin.

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Discounts on our motorcycle loan rates

Your rate will depend on your credit qualification, the amount of the loan and:

  • Receiving a 0.25% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) discount by maintaining an automatic loan payment each month.

  • Receiving a 0.25% APR discount for qualifying for the Premier Member Merits category.

What types of motorcycles can you finance?

Standard, cruiser, sport, touring and off-highway are just a few of the many motorcycle types we finance for members.

RV, boat and other recreational vehicle loan rates
Effective Date: Wednesday, June 19th, 2024
Vehicle typeAPR (Low)*APR (High)Repayment terms

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New or used boat or RV

New boat or RV (2023-2024) 7.99% 19.24% Up to 72 months
New boat or RV (2023-2024) 8.24% 19.49% 73-180 months
New RV (2023-2024) 8.74% 10.99% 181-240 months
Used boat or RV (2014-2022) 8.74% 20.24% Up to 72 months
Used boat or RV (2014-2022) 8.99% 20.49% 73-180 months

ATVs, horse trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles and personal watercraft

New (2023-2024) 7.49% 18.24% Up to 72 months
New (2023-2024) 7.74% 18.49% 73-84 months
Used (2018-2022) 8.24% 19.24% Up to 72 months
Used (2018-2022) 8.49% 19.49% 73-84 months

About these rates

*APR (Low) indicates the lowest annual percentage rate you may qualify for on the loan. The annual percentage rates shown in the table are reflective of a range of rates available. All loans are subject to approval. You may qualify for the lowest rates published depending upon your credit qualification, the amount financed, receiving a 0.25% APR reduction by maintaining an automatic loan payment each month and 0.25% APR reduction for qualifying for the Premier Member Merits category. The Member Merits rate discounts are subject to change.

Payment examples

The following examples illustrate the expected monthly loan payments for members who qualify for the prime rate, premier member merit status and enroll in automatic monthly payments.

  • A $10,000 new RV or boat loan with a 72 month repayment term will have a 7.99% APR and a monthly payment of $175.29.
  • A $20,000.00 new RV or boat loan with a repayment term of 120 months will have a 8.24% APR and a monthly payment of $245.23.
  • If you delete your automatic payment request, or the credit union terminates your automatic payment request due to insufficient available funds, this interest rate may be increased by one-quarter of one percent (0.25%) for the remaining term of the loan. This rate change will be reflected on your Credit Union statement.

We may offer other rates in the future. We may be able to match rates from other lenders. All loans are subject to approval.

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About our motorcycle loans

An Oregon State Credit Union motorcycle loan is a loan secured by the title of a new or used motorcycle. Funds can be used to purchase or refinance new or used motorcycles. New motorcycles are those of the current or prior year. Qualified motorcycle purchasers can:

  • Finance up to 100% of the purchase price for new vehicles.

  • Finance up to 75% of the purchase price for used vehicles.

Motorcycles: you ride ‘em, we fund ‘em

It was a good year for motorcycles. It was 1954. On the market were the Triumph Thunderbird, Harley-Davidson Pan-head, Sears Allstate 175 SV and the BSA Gold Star, among many other excellent rides. Today, lots of the those great bikes are still serving their owners and so is Oregon State Credit Union. We began in 1954 serving members as a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative – a community of borrowers and savers working together to help everyone realize their financial goals. When someone borrows from a bank, any profit from that goes to shareholders. Our shareholders are the people who do business with us: our members who, for example, choose Oregon State Credit Union for a motorcycle loan or motorcycle insurance. And when someone borrows from us, any earnings made on that loan are paid back to the members in the form of lower and fewer fees, and competitive interest rates on motorcycles and other types of loans and saving accounts. When you belong to a credit union, your money works for you, not someone else. Not a member yet? Join online here.

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