Teen savings accounts

Teen savings accounts help young members learn to save and gain experience making financial decisions, while setting the stage for other teen account services in the future, such as a debit card and Teen Checking. Teens savings accounts are for members ages 13-18 who are not enrolled in college. Learn more about savings account rates and fees.

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Features of a teen savings account

  • A parent or legal guardian must be a joint owner of the teen account until the student turns 18 years old.

  • A discounted membership fee.

  • Teen savers start earning dividends with a $5 balance.

Why open a teen savings account for your child or grandchild?

  • Build teen saving experience — Teen saving habits help establish money management skills that will be useful later on as financial needs become more complex.

  • Use other teen services — Your teen, with a saving habit established, will be in a better position to responsibly use services such as Teen Checking or a teen Visa credit card.

  • Develop independence — As teens seek independence, a saving account can help them learn how to be self-reliant with their finances.

  • Deposit paychecks — Many teens start to earn their own money. When they do, our mobile app with photo check deposit is a convenient choice.

  • College scholarship — This opportunity to apply for a $2,500 scholarship is part of our Teen Checking program.

Locate a branch | Open a Teen Savings account

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