Mortgage loan officers

Oregon State Credit Union’s mortgage loan officers are here to provide you with personal help when you’re ready to apply for a mortgage loan to buy or refinance a home, or tap into your home equity.

  • Daniel Echeverri, mortgage loan officer

    • Daniel has been a mortgage loan officer for 10 years, with six of those years at Oregon State Credit Union. He is bilingual and serves as an interpreter for our Spanish speaking members. Daniel feels very passionate about real estate and mortgages.

  • Connie Hartrum, mortgage loan officer

    • Connie has been in the real estate industry since 2014. She was a real estate broker for six years before moving into the role of loan officer. Connie believes that having prior experience in a related role has given her a unique perspective of the pieces that must come together to ensure a positive member experience in buying a home.

  • Jaimy Herbert, mortgage loan officer

    • Jaimy has spent almost 26 years in the real estate industry. She started out as a realtor, worked at a title company, and has now been in lending for 13 years. Jaimy is also a Corvallis native.

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