Visa® card protection

Take smart, proactive steps to protect your card accounts, including: timely activation and reports of missing cards; use of fraud protection and security; and notifying us when you travel.

Activate cards or report missing cards

Activate your card

  • Call 888-802-5240 and follow the automated instructions.

Report lost or stolen cards

  • Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m. - 5:30p.m.

    • 800-732-0173

  • After hours: 888-802-5240

  • Prepaid cards: 866-906-4170

Fraud protection and security for your Visa cards

Choose from a couple of options that will keep you alert to fraud and enhance your card protection: 1) Our free, two-way text alerts or 2) An opt-in service with Visa Purchase Alerts.

Oregon State Credit Union text alerts

Defend yourself against credit or debit card fraud by signing up for our free, two-way text alerts. It’s the best and fastest way to respond to potential fraudulent purchases made to your debit or credit card. The alerts are texted to you anywhere you have a cell connection. If you see a fraud alert for a purchase you didn’t make, you simply reply to the text message that it is confirmed fraud. It’s free, and signing up is fast and easy.

Learn more about text alerts or sign up to receive alerts:

  • Visit any branch or call our Member Service Center at 800-732-0173.

  • You may get a call from us if we notice out-of-the-ordinary charges on your Oregon State Credit Union Visa cards.

  • If you prefer to be notified of suspicious transactions via text message, click here to learn more.

With Visa Purchase Alerts

Use this opt-in service to help you identify purchases on your account by opting to have email or text messages sent to you.

Travel notification

Going on vacation or traveling for business? Communicate with us ahead of time to help minimize interrupted service with your Oregon State Credit Union Visa card while you're on your trip. Knowing your plans, we'll be able to work even more effectively with our fraud monitoring service to assess spending activity on your card(s), if the activity is legitimate, and if transactions are occurring outside normal spending patterns.

Learn more about fraud protection

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