A message from the Oregon State Credit Union Board Chair

April 09, 2020

To our member-owners and employees:

I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy. A year ago we could not have predicted the kind of economic uncertainty that we all face today. The Coronavirus, COVID-19, is first and foremost a human tragedy affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. It is also having a profound impact on the economy and our way of life. Unprecedented government actions to stop the spread of the virus and flatten the infection curve have stopped a once-thriving economy in its tracks and created record unemployment in our state and our nation. The result of these necessary public health and safety measures can be seen in every community we serve. Businesses have been forced to close, people have lost their jobs, children and young people have seen their academic school year shut-down, and families are left to deal with the uncertainty of what is next and deal with the fear of the unknown.

But here is what we do know. What started as a public health crisis and transitioned to a financial crisis for millions of Americans and Oregonians has put our first responders, health care professionals and essential service providers on the front lines. As a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union, we are an essential service provider. We recognize that, COVID-19 or not, we exist to serve our members in good times and in unbelievable times like these.

Your Board of Directors, elected by our members, want to express our immense gratitude and appreciation to our members for the patience, kindness, understanding and resiliency you are showing every day. To ensure the safety and health of our members and staff, we’ve implemented unprecedented operational changes. These changes are necessary to help us deal with the large, complex issues we are presently facing and to continue to provide you access to your financial information, accounts and cash. Collectively, your response to those changes and how you’ve shown appreciation and grace to our staff has been inspiring. Thank you all.

To our staff, every day you are living out an important credit union creed: people helping people. In the face of this uncertainty, you continue to show up to fulfill your purpose, serving our members in a safe and socially responsible way. In a matter of days and weeks, you have adapted to the current environment, always staying focused on our members and providing unsurpassed member experiences. Your innovation, creativity, flexibility and commitment to service is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you are doing. We will get through this together and be stronger and wiser as a result.

Finally, to our first responders and health care professionals in every community we serve, thank you for the amazing work you are doing in the fight against the coronavirus.

With admiration and respect,

Shannon Cruz

Oregon State Credit Union Board Chair

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