Credit cards that meet your needs

Oregon State Credit Union has a Visa® credit card to meet your needs.

  • Our Visa Value card has a great Annual Percentage Rate (APR), and with no penalty interest rate and no annual fee, it’s a highly affordable choice for anyone looking to rebuild their credit or just looking for a low-interest, no-frills credit card.
  • Our Visa Rewards card has a competitive APR and low-to-no annual fee based on your Member Merits member category. The Rewards card pays you 1% back on every purchase you make with your Oregon State Credit Union Visa Rewards card and has no penalty interest rate.

Both cards have no balance transfer fee making them excellent choices for consolidating debt. And you’ll pay the same interest rate for cash advances as for purchases. There’s no waiting! Our cards are available by instant issue in all of our 15 branch locations.

Focus on safety and security

Every Oregon State Credit Union Visa card we issue comes with an embedded EMV chip for greater security and contactless payments. The chip protects in-store payments by generating a unique, one-time code for each transaction.

To help protect you against credit card fraud, you’re automatically enrolled in our free, two-way text alert system. If a transaction on your credit card appears suspicious, the alert system will try to send you a text alert, twice. If you do not respond, the system will call the phone number you have registered with the credit union. If you do not answer, it will leave a message. If you identify the transaction as fraudulent, the card will be blocked.

With both our Visa Value and Visa Rewards cards, you can relax knowing you’re protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy. That policy is Visa’s guarantee you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your card or card information. You’re protected if your Visa card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used online or offline.

No matter which card you have, you can control how and where your card is used with two free services: Card Control and Card Management. Card Control offers a range of features to help you monitor transactions, control spending, and manage card activity. Card control also allows you to toggle your card off and on. Card Management lets you report the card lost or stolen and order a replacement card.

Added security with ID navigator

All our Visa credit cards offer the option of signing up for ID Navigator powered by Norton Lifelock. If you sign up with ID Navigator, it can help you stay informed of potential threats to your security so you can act quickly. It patrols the dark web and notifies you if it finds your information. It also notifies you if a large-scale data breach exposes your information. It tells you when key changes are made to your credit file, and provides instructions and links to help you quickly freeze utility, credit union and credit bureau accounts.

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