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  1. Video: Myths about buying a home. (Read the transcript here.)

  2. Video: Why a credit union is better than a mortgage broker. (Read the transcript here.)

  • Purchasing or refinancing a home will be one of your largest financial transactions. So it's essential to select a trusted, qualified, and experienced Mortgage Loan Officer to help you obtain the right loan, one that's tailored to fit your financial needs. With over 6 years of mortgage lending experience, I've helped members like you find customized solutions to secure the perfect home loan. I've also helped many Spanish-speaking borrowers as I am bilingual. Contact me today so I can help you navigate today's market to find the home you're looking for.

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At Oregon State Credit Union, our vision is to create financial solutions to make lives better, and our commitment is to be a partner in realizing member dreams every day.

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Our loans feature competitive interest rates, and we’ve built a reputation as a full-service mortgage lender with a trustworthy suite of products. These include: construction financing, jumbo loans, first-time homebuyer discounts, and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

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Go ahead and put an offer on that quaint two-story house in the quiet cul-de-sac. We offer local decision-making, low closing costs and a quick turnaround time.

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Video transcript: Myths about buying a home

Hi. I’m Daniel Echeverri, a mortgage loan officer at Oregon State Credit Union.

There are some myths out there about buying a home that may be preventing you from becoming a homeowner.

Myth number 1: You need 20 percent down.

Years ago you may have needed 20 percent down to buy a house, but times have changed. Today there are loan programs and down payment assistance to help put families into homes. Some programs will get you into a home for as little as 3 percent down.

Myth number 2: You can’t borrow your down payment, and no one can give you the money.

Not true. If you own an asset like a car or land, you can borrow against that asset to help with the down payment. And if your parents or some other relative gives you money for the down payment, that’s called gift money, and it’s perfectly fine as long as the money comes from a relative and doesn’t have to be repaid.

Myth number 3: Your credit has to be perfect.

Not necessarily. A lot of young people don’t have enough of a credit history to have perfect credit. But you may still be able to qualify for a loan. Have you been paying rent? Do you pay your utility bills on time and make on-time payments on your credit card? Is your job secure? If so, we need to talk, because NOW is a great time to buy.

So come see me or one of the other mortgage loan officers here at Oregon State Credit Union. We’ll walk you through your options and help you find a path to home ownership that works for you and your situation.

Your new home is out there, waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Video transcript: Why a credit union is better than a mortgage broker

When you’re ready to buy a home, you have a choice. You can try a mortgage broker who will submit your loan paperwork then walk away, or you can work with a company that wants to build a lifelong financial relationship with you. Before you make that decision, there are a few things you should know.

Hi. I’m Daniel Echeverri, a mortgage loan officer at Oregon State Credit Union.

Here are some things to consider when you’re choosing between a broker and your credit union.

A mortgage loan officer works for the credit union. He or she can offer personalized service when it comes to structuring your mortgage loan. We’ll consider your personal situation and build a plan that can move you from renter to home owner with confidence.

A mortgage broker doesn’t work for the lender he represents, so he doesn’t have the authority to create a personalized mortgage solution. All he can offer is a one-size-fits-all loan package that might – or might not – work for you.

You should also know that if you get your loan from the credit union, every decision about your loan will be made locally by the people who work here. From your first payment to your last, you’ll be dealing with the same financial institution. Possibly even the same people.

But once a broker has submitted your paperwork and collected his commission, he’s out of your life. If something goes wrong with your loan, you’ll have to work with a lending institution that doesn’t know you and might not be in your home town – it might not even be in your state!

It boils down to this: At Oregon State Credit Union, we have an interest in your financial well-being, and we have the financial products and services you need to keep your financial house in good repair. We can offer you free checking accounts, savings accounts, loans and lines of credit, Visa credit cards and a lot more.

So give me a call. I can’t wait to meet you and get started putting you into your own home.

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