Helpful terms for our members

These terms apply to all Oregon State Credit Union members:

Member number/Account number: This is the primary number you received when you opened your membership. It does not change.

Verbal password/Membership password: This is the general password you disclose when interacting with a teller in a branch, or over the phone with a call center consultant. It has nothing to do with online account access.

PIN number: This is the 4-digit code you use when performing debit card or ATM transactions. It has nothing to do with online account access.

Phone Access Teller (PAT) PIN number: This 4-digit code is used to access your account using PAT. (If you register for online account access, this code also serves as your temporary password when setting up online account access for the very first time.)

This term only applies to newly registered users of online account access:

Temporary password: This code is used to setup your online account access for the very first time.

These terms apply to online and mobile account access:

Member ID: This functions like a username, allowing you to log in to your accounts online. Security enhancements require all users to log in using a unique member ID instead of an Oregon State Credit Union member number.

Password: Along with your member ID, this allows you to log in to your accounts online.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA): This is a security protocol requiring multiple layers of identification to access your account. It includes your member ID, password, and the access code/ one-time pass code/ verification code sent to your phone or email address.

One-time pass code: Also referred to as an access code or verification code. This single-use 6-digit code is sent to your phone (as a voice call or text message) or email address. In addition to your member ID and password, it verifies your identity and protects your account from unauthorized access.

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