Scottie Saver savings accounts for kids

Be a Scottie Saver member and join the fun and learning. Scottie Savers Club savings accounts help kids ages 12 and younger learn how to set savings goals, save money, make financial decisions and have fun through experience and encouragement. See savings account rates and fees.

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Joining in June has its benefits

If you open a new Scottie Savers account in the month of June your child receives a gift card for $50 in Scottie Bucks.

Scottie CelebrationScottie Celebration

Join us July 22 - 26 as we celebrate our Scottie Savers members. Come in to any branch and enjoy free gifts, treats and sale prices on Scottie merchandise. Everything in the Scottie store is on sale – plus we’ve added some new items.

Features of a Scottie Saver account

Open a Scottie Saver account at a branch. Bring your child's Social Security number; a $5 initial deposit; a parent, grandparent or guardian to be a joint member.

  • Membership fees are waived.

  • Kids start earning dividends with a $5 balance.

  • For every $5 deposited, one Scottie Buck is earned. A Scottie Buck is a voucher which can be spent at our branches for merchandise, including toys, games and other fun stuff.

Get a free book with account opening

Build your child’s money skills with fun stories. Choose from these entertaining books:

Select a free book with your Scottie account opening Description  Age   Key ideas
The Berenstain Bears’ Trouble with Money, by Stan and Jan Berenstain Learn about ways the Bear family helped the cubs with saving their money. 4+ Making decisions, spending. With reading guide.
Those Shoes, by Maribeth Boelts See what happens when Jeremy prioritizes buying a pair of black high tops. 5-8 Prioritizing, sharing and borrowing. With reading guide.
The Lemonade War, by Jacqueline Davies A lemonade stand war breaks out between Evan and his sister, Jessie. This humorous novel is full of money making tips, definitions, charts and more. 8-12 Money, relationships, disagreements.


Why open a savings account for your child or grandchild?

  • Start good habits — Starting early to establish the saving habit is best. It's an important first step and gives kids a chance to learn about money with parental guidance. Over time they build a better understanding of how money works.

  • Be a good influence — Parents and grandparents are the primary influence on kids’ perceptions about money and its use.

  • Build understanding — Saving sets the stage for prudent use of other helpful financial services. When kids become teens they’ll likely need checking accounts, credit cards and auto loans.

  • Be ready for the future — With an established saving habit, kids are more likely to develop into adult savers who will be ready for unforeseen events such as emergencies — and opportunities.

Locate a branch | Open a Scottie Saver kid's account

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