Auto loan disclosures, rates and fees

Auto loan rates, fees and disclosures
Effective Date: Friday, July 19th, 2024
Car and truck loans with competitive rates and flexible terms help you get the vehicle you need. Reduced rates available for auto payment or Member Merits, depending on your credit and the amount financed.
Vehicle typeAPR (Low)*APR (High)Repayment terms

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New auto loans

New auto (2023 - 2024) 6.39% 17.49% Up to 72 months
New auto (2023 - 2024) 6.89% 17.74% 73-84 months
New auto (2023 - 2024) 7.64% 17.49% 85-96 months

Used auto loans

Used auto (2009-2022) 6.64% 18.24% Up to 72 months
Used auto (2009-2022) 7.39% 18.49% 73-84 months
Used auto (2009-2022) 8.14% 13.74% 85-96 months
Classic used auto 6.64% 18.24% Up to 60 months

About these auto loan rates

* APR (Low) indicates the lowest annual percentage rate you may qualify for on the loan. The annual percentage rates shown in the table are reflective of a range of rates available. All loans are subject to approval. You may qualify for the lowest rates published depending upon your credit qualification, the amount financed, receiving a 0.25% APR reduction by maintaining an automatic loan payment each month and 0.25% APR reduction for qualifying for the Premier Member Merits category. The Member Merits rate discounts are subject to change.

Payment examples

The following examples illustrate the expected monthly loan payments for members who qualify for the prime rate, premier member merit status and enroll in automatic monthly payments:

  • A $10,000 new auto loan with a 60 month repayment term will have a 6.39% APR and a monthly payment of $195.19

  • A $20,000 used auto loan with a repayment term of 84 months will have a 7.39% APR and a monthly payment of $303.30.

  • A $40,000 new auto loan with a 96 month repayment term will have a 7.64% APR and a monthly payment of $558.32

  • If you delete your automatic payment request, or the credit union terminates your automatic payment request due to insufficient available funds, this interest rate may be increased by one-quarter of one percent (0.25%) for the remaining term of the loan. This rate change will be reflected on your credit union statement.

We may offer other rates in the future. We may be able to match rates from other lenders. All loans are subject to approval.


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