More loan options for you

Are you looking for more loans? Oregon State Credit Union provides plenty of options like lines of credit, deposit-secured loans and payday loans. Visit one of our branches or call 800-732-0173.

Personal Line of Credit

  • Competitive variable interest rate
  • Can borrow between $250—$50,000, based on credit qualifications
  • No minimum draw amount required
  • “Revolving” convenience — no need to reapply when you need extra cash
  • Easy access — checks, branch, online, phone, ATM
  • Great for emergencies, overdraft protection, building credit, and many other purposes

Student Personal Line of Credit

  • Ideal for students, 18 years or older, who are enrolled in college and want to begin establishing their credit history
  • $250-$800 credit limit
  • Competitive variable interest rate
  • No income/credit history required. Previous derogatory credit may impact eligibility.
  • $100 credit limit increase allowed per year of verified school enrollment upon request, Not to exceed $800
  • Proof of college enrollment required
  • “Revolving” convenience — no need to reapply when you need extra cash
  • Easy access — ATM, branch, Member Service Center, checks, online, mobile, Phone Access Teller (24/7)

Deposit-secured Loan

  • Loan can be secured by Basic Savings Account, Money Market, Investors Money Market or Certificate of Deposit
  • Interest rate is 3% more than deposit account rate but not less than 5%.
  • Borrow up to the total balance of deposit account
  • Continue to earn dividends while repaying loan
  • Great way to establish credit
  • Choose to make payments monthly or annually

Payday Advance Loan

  • Affordable alternative to payday loans from predatory lenders who charge extremely high rate and fees
  • 18% interest rate
  • No loan fee
  • $50-$500 loan amount – cannot exceed 20% of net base income
  • Fast approval
  • No credit report required
  • Term: 30 days or next payday, whichever is first

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