Update your address

Help us make sure you have all your important Oregon State Credit Union financial information: contact us to update your address.

  • The post office notified us of your change of address but we are unable to update your address records until you contact us to make a change.

  • Because your mailing address is not correct in our records, and for the safety of your personal financial information, you are no longer receiving mail from us, including your monthly statements.

Call, visit us or use the mobile app

Update your information today — we're ready to help you reconnect with your financial information.

  • Call 1-800-732-0173

  • Visit your nearest branch

  • Learn how to update your address via the mobile app

  • Good to know:
    • Tip: Be sure ALL your accounts have the correct address. This includes business, trust and corporate accounts.

    • After you update your address with us, for the remainder of the calendar month you may continue to see notifications asking you to update your information.

    • You may continue to receive notifications until you successfully update your mailing address.

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