Paying for your child’s education 

Each year education costs rise and it gets harder to pay for a variety of school expenses, from common grade school supplies to more complex higher education tuition and fees.

Explore nine key questions

  1. When should a family start saving for their children’s education?
  2. What if your income is limited?
  3. What other family needs should you take care of before saving for higher education?
  4. What’s the best way to save?
  5. How much do you need to save?
  6. What if you haven’t saved and your child is nearing college age?
  7. What steps should you take to secure financial aid?
  8. What if the financial aid you’re offered isn’t enough?
  9. What combination of savings, assets, and loans makes sense for your family?

Other back-to-school financial education resources

  • Smart Option Student Loan, a smart approach to paying for college.
  • Planning tips and tools
  • Pocket Cents helps youth learn how to save and plan now for the future.

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