More interest, less risk with these saving accounts

Open a Money Market, Investor's Money Market or Certificate accounts for higher interest earnings or try our many other deposit accounts to help your savings grow.

Money Market accounts

Don't let extra money sit idle. Transfer funds to an Oregon State Credit Union Money Market account. See Money Market accounts disclosures, rates and fees.

  • Earns higher interest

  • Open account with only $5

  • No minimum required to earn dividends 

  • No monthly fees on balances of $1,000 or more

  • No monthly withdrawal or deposit limits

  • Access your funds easily

Investor's Money Market accounts

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Certificate accounts

Certificate Accounts are for members who want to earn our highest interest rate and do not need immediate access to their funds. See Certificate account saving disclosures, rates and fees.

  • Only $500 to open a Certificate account, or $250 for a Scottie or Teen account

  • Terms from 6-60 months

  • No monthly fees

  • Interest compounds daily, paid monthly

  • Earned dividends can be withdrawn without penalty before certificate maturity

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Explore other deposit accounts to help you save and manage money

First-time Homebuyer

  • To make homeownership more affordable, this savings account program allows Oregonians to take a state tax deduction on money saved towards purchasing their first home.

Health Savings Account

  • A savings account for members who are covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). This account can be used to pay for health expenses and build savings for future qualified medical health expenses.

Individual Retirement Accounts

  • Save for retirement no matter what stage of life you are in. This account can be a good savings option with flexible terms and potential tax advantages.

Checking accounts 

  • We offer four different checking accounts: Free Checking, Rewards Checking, Platinum Checking and Teen Checking. All accounts include a free debit card, online banking with bill pay, estatements and mobile check deposit.

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