Tax filing tips from Oregon State Credit Union

Before you send in your taxes, check to make sure you haven’t made one of these very common tax-filing mistakes.

Entering the wrong social security number

It’s easy to write the wrong number by mistake, but you’ll delay your refund if you get that critical piece of information wrong. While you’re at it and if it applies, double check the number for your spouse and dependents, too.

Forgetting to sign

It’s surprisingly common for people to forget to sign their tax return or include the check to pay their tax bill. Double check before you send in your return.

Wasting your refund

Before you even receive your refund check, think carefully about what you’ll do with the extra money. Good ideas may include:

  • pay down debt
  • invest in your retirement account
  • jumpstart a major project

If you’ve been waiting to tackle a home improvement project or make a major purchase, maybe your tax refund is the down payment you need.

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