Tips for traveling safe

Use and protect your Visa debit and credit cards with greater ease and effectiveness when you focus on three areas: emergency contact numbers, what to do before travel, and what to do while you travel. With these steps in mind, you’ll make the most of your travels.

Emergency contact numbers

If your card is lost, stolen, or compromised while traveling

  • Contact Oregon State Credit Union at 800-732-0173.

Visa emergency services

Before you travel

See the video: How to set travel notifications. Call Oregon State Credit Union at 800-732-0173.

  1. Notifying us of your travel plans will help us monitor your account for suspicious or unusual activity.
  2. Due to significant fraud activity in some areas of the world, transactions may be blocked on debit and credit cards. Check with us in advance and we’ll help you work out alternative ways of accessing your money.

Speak to a credit union representative about purchasing foreign currency or to apply for a credit card as an additional means of payment.

Check your card to make sure it won’t expire while you’re away.

Confirm your credit limit, as well as your balances, if you plan to use your debit or credit card during your trip.

Never write down your PIN number.

While you travel

Avoid leaving cards unattended.

Save all of your receipts for proof of purchase.

Make sure to keep track of your cards and place them in a secure location at all times to avoid possible theft and misuse.

Carry alternative funds — an additional debit or credit card.

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