Transfer your credit card balances and save money

If you’re struggling to pay off high-interest credit cards, consolidating those card balances onto one card with a lower interest rate could help you save money and pay off your balance sooner. By paying a lower interest rate, more of your money will go to pay down your principal balance each month, and less will go to pay interest.

Some cards will entice you with an introductory gimmick, like a temporary zero percent interest rate. Some questions to ask before you transfer your balances to that card: Is there an annual fee? Is there a charge for transferring my balances? How long is the promotional rate in effect? When the promotional period expires, how much interest will I be paying? Will I be able to pay down my balances before the promotional period expires—assuming it doesn’t expire early because I paid my bill a day late?

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Thinking about consolidating your credit card debt onto one card?

  • Many cards charge a balance transfer fee, typically 3-5% of your balance. If you’re consolidating $10,000 of debt, that could be as much as an extra $500 that you’ll have to pay off.

  • It’s common for credit cards to charge an annual fee just for having that card. Many also charge a separate fee on cash advances.

  • Some cards have a confusing tier of interest rates. They may have one rate for balance transfers, one for new purchases and another for cash advances. That makes it hard to calculate the effective interest rate you’ll be paying on that card.

  • Many cards have a penalty interest rate that kicks in if you violate the terms of the card agreement. As a result, if you’re a few days late making your monthly payment, or you accidentally charge more than your credit limit, you may find yourself paying punishingly high interest rates.

Visa® credit cards from Oregon State Credit Union offer a straightforward experience

You’ll pay no balance transfer fee and no cash advance fee. There’s no penalty interest rate in the fine print, and no annual fee for the Visa Value credit card and low-to-no annual fee on the Rewards Credit Card, depending on your Member Merits category. You pay only one highly-competitive interest rate on balance transfers, purchases and cash advances.

No balance transfer or cash advance fee? No annual fee?* Not even a penalty interest rate? Pay just one interest rate for everything with no gimmicks. Maybe it’s time to simplify your life with a Visa credit card from Oregon State Credit Union.

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