What are Member Merits?

Member Merits are benefits you enjoy as a result of being a member of Oregon State Credit Union, a not-for-profit financial cooperative.

We're a community of borrowers and savers working together to achieve financial goals. The more members participate in the cooperative, the healthier the cooperative will be in order to better serve each member.

You and your Member Merits benefits

When you joined Oregon State Credit Union, you were included in Member Merits. Member Merits are how we give back to our members who actively support the credit union.

How Member Merits works

  • All Oregon State Credit Union members are automatically part of the Member Merits program.

    • There are three levels to the program: Essential, Enhanced and Premier.

    • The more accounts you have and the greater your balances, the more merits you receive.

    • Any Oregon State Credit Union loan or deposit account contributes to your Member Merits. This includes savings, checking, money markets, Certificate accounts, auto loans, credit cards, signature loans, mortgages, home equity loans and more.

On statements: your Member Merits category

Your Member Merits category is calculated monthly and indicated in the Current Member Benefits section at the top of your statement or estatement.

Depending on the number of accounts you have with Oregon State Credit Union, you could get:

  • discounts on loan rates

  • bonuses on Certificate account rates

  • rebates on mortgage loan closing costs

  • waived monthly fees

  • free services and more

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