Education grants for teachers (kindergarten – 12th grade)

The Oregon State Credit Union Education Grant Program exists to fund materials and supplies for teachers of school children (kindergarten through high school) within our field of membership.

Awards can be up to $300. We look for educational programming ideas from teachers that enhance, not duplicate, the standard school curriculum.

Apply for a grant

Use our grant application form during the time period applications are accepted. The next available grant application periods are:

  • 1/14/19 to 1/21/19 — The January application period has ended. Thank you to all our January applicants. You’ll receive a response to your request by the end of February.

  • 10/14/19 to 10/21/19 — You’ll receive a response to your request by the end of November.

Examples of successful grants

  • Supplies for a renewable energy project

  • Books, including audio books

  • Calculators

  • Materials to build a school green house

  • Science supplies

  • Educational magazine subscriptions

Helpful tips for completing the grant application

  • Specify how grant funds will benefit students (K-12)

  • Target a significant number of students

  • Include detailed learning goals and specifics for how the funds will be used

  • Show how the funds can benefit future students

  • Document additional funding sources if needed to make the project a success

Updates from teachers

Required grant recipient updates from teachers: Oregon State Credit Union will request a project update from all teachers who receive a grant award.

Testimonials from past grant recipients

  • "The Oregon State Credit Union education grant allowed us to pilot a program that encouraged 4th and 5th graders to attend school regularly, improve behavior and raise self-esteem. Fifty kids were served and all improved in one or more areas with a long waiting list. This program was so successful we will be adding more clubs next year! Thank you for the help in supporting our kids." — Gail Winden, Robotics; Kim Wyatt, Art; Beth Freeborn, Gardening; Salem-Keizer Public Schools

  • "We used our educational grant from Oregon State Credit Union to purchase a kiln to serve students in the middle and elementary schools. The kiln has helped our students grow in the visual arts and build the skills they will need in middle and high school." — Mrs. Monroe, Corvallis School District
  • "An educational grant from Oregon State Credit Union allowed us to buy equipment needed by students in the robotics club. Students use the equipment to design and build Vex robots, developing skills in the areas of engineering and mathematics." — Mr. McCargar, Gervais School District
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