April is youth financial literacy month

April 2020 contest winners!

April 1-17 was a time to take advantage of fun activities with online download and submission of all materials — no need to go into a branch. Learning, prizes, gift cards!

  • On this page you can see the winners of the kid's coloring contest and the teen workbook winners with their comments.

Kids' coloring 2020: Scottie Savers are "Out of this world"

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, concerns about physical health and school closures, April has been a learning time. Accessible from home, our fun, online, engaging activities helped parents to build conversations with kids and teens about financial health, saving habits, and thinking about the future.Year-round fun and effective financial learning for youth, with a special focus in April — that's what Oregon State Credit Union strives to provide.

Four possible age categories for the coloring contest: 0-4, 5-7, 8-10 and 11-12. Although the contest period has ended, here's the "Out of this world" coloring sheet the kids used.

  • Congratulations, winners:

Asher Hall, Scottie Saver member, age 3, Oregon State Credit Union

Winner in the age 0-4 category, Asher Hall, Scottie Saver member age 3 from Albany, is seen above with his Scottie coloring sheet featuring the use of complimentary colors, purple and green. Asher prefers not to be quoted at this time but his work speaks for itself and so does his cheerful smile!


Scarlett Monday, Scottie Saver member, age 5, Oregon State Credit Union

Winner in the age 5-7 category, Dallas Scottie Saver member, Scarlett Monday, age 5, is seen above with her Scottie coloring sheet. Her work depicts deep space cosmic realities. What has she learned as a member? "I don't know. I'm 5." Great reality check, Scarlett.


Liam Sass, Scottie Saver member, age 6, Oregon State Credit Union

Contest competitor Liam Sass, Scottie Saver member age 6 from Corvallis, is seen above with his Scottie coloring sheet, a bold entry in the kid's contest. Liam is an artist and a financial visionary. When asked what he has learned as a member, he states, "I need to save my money." Liam, we couldn't agree more, and thank you for helping educate us on that very important point.

Teens contestants 2020: learn and win

Teens used the workbook Mindful Money Management available at our teacher-parent resource page to explore how different choices affect their future.

  • Winner: Bailey Bell

    • Question: In what ways did completing this workbook influence your educational goal and future lifestyle choices?

      • Answer: Completing the workbook reassured me that I will be able to have a good life even if I don't splurge on clothes, furniture, or even what I eat. This will definitely give me some peace of mind about my future.

    • How are you planning to use your gift card?

      • Answer: I am planning to buy books or family board games.

  • Winner: Zaley Bennett

    • Question: Which true cost surprised you the most?

      • Answer: The biggest surprise was the true cost of eating out verse cooking your own meals, and how much more time and money it takes to make meals from scratch instead of prepackaged foods.

    • Question: Which peace of mind factor gave you something new to think about?

      • Answer: The transportation one gave me a little to think about because owning a car would be nice but once you factor in the gas and insurance, it becomes a lot more of an investment.

    • Question: In what ways did completing this workbook influence your educational goal and future lifestyle choices?

      • Answer: This workbook definitely influenced how much money I am going to start saving right now instead of trying to live paycheck to paycheck after college. Educationally it also makes sense to take advantage of the Oregon promise and go to a community college for less the first two years.

    • Question: How are you planning to use your gift card?

      • Answer: Purchase equipment for club volleyball to take some of the burden off my parents.

  • Winner: Amber Stewart

    • Question: In what ways did completing this workbook influence your educational goal and future lifestyle choices

      • Answer: It showed that I might not be able to get everything I want right away. I will have to save my money.

    • Question: How are you planning to use your gift card?

      • Answer: I don't quite know what I want yet but I will probably save it till I find something.

Looking back at 2019: contest wrap-up

Thanks to our members who submitted entries in April 2019, a great month of learning and fun at Oregon State Credit Union, where we focus on and celebrate youth financial literacy.

  • Kid's coloring contest winners — Congratulations to our creative young members below. Contest recap: Grand prize: 200 Scottie bucks. Kids downloaded coloring pages, circled their age on the back of the page, filled out the photo release form and returned their entries to their favorite branch. Winners: Click here to see three winning coloring pages. To see all colorful and creative entries, click here.

Way to go, Karalee!

Karalee Andry, Scottie Saver member, winner age group 5-7

Karalee, Scottie Saver member from Newport, is seen above with her prize of 200 Scottie bucks. She plans to use her winnings to get lots of fun Scottie store merchandise to go with her dog-paw balloon. Woof!

  • See winning coloring pages here, and you'll see that she: 1) Emphasizes vibrant energy 2) Introduces new life by using a butterfly and 3) Enhances the overall scene with the remarkable use of a Happy Cloud. Our members are the best!

Nice work, Ellenore!

Ellenor Page image in table

Above, Ellenore, North Albany branch Scottie Club member, proudly displays her winning 2019 Scottie coloring page contest entry, submitted during our annual Youth Financial Literacy Month in April.

  • See winning coloring pages here. Her work features: 1) Scottie sporting a collar with beautiful red and black checked pattern 2) High contrast blue outlining of key elements and 3) Colored lettering to match her overall theme. Clearly, this young member has vision!
  • Teen Money-Quest Video Challenge — Our 2019 contest for teens ended 4/20/19. Contest recap: Teens won a $50 gift card from Amazon, Target or Walmart. To be entered into the gift card drawing, teens logged in to our Teen Money Quest video module, watched the videos and answered some questions. Easy, fun learning!

Youth get hands-on saving experience

Set the stage now with youth financial accounts from Oregon State Credit Union:


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