Report fraud on your accounts

Report in-progress or suspected fraud to us using the following guidelines. We're ready to answer questions, assist with compromised accounts and help you protect your information.

What you need to do

You can report fraud in two ways: call 800-732-0173 or go to a branch.

  1. Describe for us what has occurred and what your concerns are. This will help us understand your circumstances so we can help resolve the problem.

  2. Work with us so we understand your unique situation and can recommend a solution geared for you. This may include changing account numbers or automatic payments, completing forms online or at a branch, or getting new cards.

  3. Turn off your card by logging into online banking or the app, then use Card Management to de-activate your card.

What we'll do

  1. We'll ask a variety of questions to find out what happened, including:
    • What type of fraud did you experience?

    • Was the fraud done in person or by phone, computer, text or mail?

    • Tip: We won't ask for your online banking login information (your username, password or authentication code). Those details are yours. Since we're your credit union, we don't need to get that information from you.

  2. We'll decide with you what layers of security will be best for you now, in the recovery stage, and what will be best after these first steps are complete.

Stay informed with fraud resources

Use our resources to stay up-to-date on how to protect your money. Learn more about recent scams and effective protective measures. 

Go to our fraud education and resources page



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